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When we designed the first version of You Are Beautiful last year, we honestly weren’t sure if people would be interested in the time specific graphic, particularly because laws were literally changing around us at the same time we were designing and producing the shirts. In fact, the same week we released the shirt highlighting at the time, the five states plus D.C. that recognized same sex marriage, we were already getting requests to update the shirt with the two states that had just legalized it as well - Washington and Maryland.

Surprisingly, the shirts almost sold out. A number of people voiced their excitement about being a part of a history that was actually living, breathing, and changing in front of their eyes, and loved having a physical document of that change. That’s great for us, as we were able to donate more to the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBT Youth, a cause that’s dear to our hearts, and an organization that we’ve worked with for years.

For this year’s version, we were able to add Maine, Washington, Maryland, and Connecticut. Grab the tees before it (hopefully) changes again! As with last year, a portion of the proceeds from the shirt will go the the Ali Forney Center.

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