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Happy Birthday John Hughes


In honor of our 80’s inspired Flash Knit Top and Daredevil Pant, some die-hard John Hughes fans here at the office offered up their favorite moments from his films:

Weird Science was my favorite. I was very much a book and video game nerd growing up. Every scene was magical! “Two nerdish boys attempt to create the perfect woman, but she turns out to be more than that”…the tag line says it all. -Josh


Maybe not my favorite, but the most poignant Hughes scene for me is at the end of Pretty in Pink where you think Molly Ringwald is going to go for Duckie (the good guy), but instead chooses rich, pretty boy Andrew McCarthy. That pretty much encapsulated high school for me. -Teddy

My nickname was Molly in high school and college because I used to dress like her.  My favorite scene is from Pretty in Pink (all time favorite movie), when Molly is all ready for the prom and standing in front of her dad. I believe her dad says something to the affect of, “Your guy is gonna fall through the floor when he sees you” and she then goes on to explain how he really won’t, he’s not coming, and she wants to go to show they didn’t break her. I just like the single father/misfit daughter dynamic of the scene and how proud he is of her. -Jill


This is a painfully hard question however I would have to say Emilio Estevez weeping about Larry Lester’s buns is my favorite scene from The Breakfast Club. Seeing a sensitive bro melts my heart. Also I get told fairly frequently that I am reminiscent of Ally Sheedy which always makes me happy. -Eva


In Pretty in Pink, when Andie is up in her room sewing that crazy pink dress for prom, so determined to solve her boy problems in a creative way, yet all alone with her feelings, I was like “I get you, girl!” I definitely didn’t have a Duckie to fall back on, though. -Julie

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