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The Artist Formerly Known as Prints

imageThe Florence Floral Backpack

Among the many things our designers share a love for here in the studio, along with good dance music, breakfast treats, and cats in boxes, is graphic design, especially when we feature them on the clothes and bags we create. A lot of design companies buy from print houses, or use vintage prints or another outside source, so it’s great to be able to put out something that’s truly unique.

imageThe Riverstone Shirt Dress

Designing custom prints also grants us the freedom to incorporate themes from the collection and share our inspiration directly. This spring, the influence of “organic modernism” prompted our designer Meagan to create a geometric floral print for the Riverstone Dress.

“I was inspired first of all by the dress itself. It’s a shirt dress, classic and feminine, functional and fashionable. So I created a floral print that connected and joined at the stems and branches, reminiscent of pipes, highways and subway systems. The process of creating this was itself a fusion of classic design and modern techniques; the botanical elements were drawn by hand, and then transformed digitally into a repeat pattern.”

imageThe Drizzle Pleated Skirt