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The Eventide Dress - Color Inspiration Meets ’50s Drive In Architecture

While the colors of the new Eventide Dress align with our color shift from winter to spring - more pastels and soft colors to ease into the new season, the shape of the dress was inspired by something completely different - Googie architecture. Named after the famous West Hollywood coffee shop, the late ’40s-’60s movement characterized by upswept roofs and geometric shapes became popular with drive thrus, gas stations, and motels. Their audacious designs were meant to capture the attention of speeding motorists, so be forewarned when wearing this dress down the street.

We designed this dress because we just loved driving past the few remaining structures when we were kids in our parents cars. If you want to check out icons of this movement locally, take a peek at Eero Saarnen’s TWA terminal (now Jet Blue) the next time you’re at JFK Airport, or the observation towers from the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens.

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